Velocity Counts in 2014 – A Preview of our Backlog and Commitment to You!

VC’ers –  Happy 2014 from Nick and I.  First off, we’d like to thank all of you for all of your encouragement, support and fellowship in 2013.  We are thankful for your steering and guidance and we are moved by your actions.  In 2013, we felt part of your Agile practice and part of your everyday experiences.  What you shared with us was wonderful and what you delivered back to your organization was great, and, in 2014 we can collectively do better!

Before I go any further, let’s take a minute to thank our fantastic sponsors that allow us to provide all of you with valuable content free of charge!

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Appfire is North America’s most trusted provider of Atlassian Enterprise Services


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What an exciting year ahead!  2014 is going to be nothing short of electric.  During the holiday break, Nick and I were hard at work coming up with an editorial calendar that will finally help you and your organization deliver against the intended promise of your Agile implementation.  We both know that you are not delivering your best and we aim to change that.

Thanks to our sponsors the free content we provide will:

  • allow your Agile implementation’s to become more stable and scalable,
  • make teams more predictable,
  • increase quantity and quality of output,
  • strengthen intra and cross-team collaboration,
  • increase team velocity,
  • allow individuals to achieve peak performance (their Nirvana state), and
  • help teams deliver substantial value back to your customers

Our Definition of Done for 2014 is simple:  Nick and I want to see an immediate and sustaining increase in your velocity.  Dare I say the obvious:  Velocity Counts!

Nick and I have never been this excited to write about content in the Agile space.  There is quite honestly so much going on in this space, that it’s hard to pick areas of focus.  Sadly, we must.  In order to keep our promise and deliver against our definition, we need to be laser beam focussed on the development of content in our areas of expertise.

In early 2014, Nick is focussed on creating content that will help: your teams take shape, move directionally, and create environments that inspire the very best from your teams.  This year, I’ve got my mind wrapped firmly around content that will grow individual performance.  I want 2014 to be your best, which requires you to be at your best – in order for you to deliver against the commitments you are making to your teams.  I’m going deep inside you and that giant brain of yours to make some much needed adjustments.  I’ll help improve your personal velocity and in doing so, your health and behavior.  Definition aside, expect nothing but one hell of a year at Velocity Counts! 

Now, more than ever, Nick and I are interested in hearing what you and your team are up to.  If you’re stuck on something, have a burning question that’s been haunting you, or have an ingredient of your own that you’d like us to share, simply Tweet @VelocityCounts or comment below.

Randall and Nick

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