The Team

Randall Ward

Randall Ward is Co-Founder and CEO of Appfire, a service provider for Enterprise businesses in North America. Randall has spent years researching the intersections of Technology and Human Behavior, applying techniques observed through experiment to the deployments of collaborative tools within the enterprise.

Over the course of 10 years, Randall has coached hundreds of teams through various stages of their Agile adoption, enabling many of the world’s most advanced product development teams to quickly innovate, develop and drive their products to market. Randall helped architect MIT’s OpenCourseWare platform and held a technology advisory role for LFM/SDM, one of MIT Sloan School of Management’s most prestigious programs. Randall has been instrumental in growing several businesses from early-stage through IPO and acquisition.

Randall is a frequent speaker at technology conferences. He lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area and is an advisor to several technology businesses.

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Nicholas Muldoon

Nicholas Muldoon, Agile Coach, Twitter
Nicholas Muldoon is co-founder of Easy Agile, a company providing solutions to help enterprise teams be agile. He was previously an Agile Coach with the Twitter Engineering team. Nicholas coaches and facilitates software development teams enabling them to reach their full potential.

Nicholas was formerly the Product Manager for Atlassian GreenHopper / JIRA Agile, a solution to help Agile teams manage their projects. Nicholas worked with numerous customers to help them kickstart their agile transformations and ensure they realised the benefits of being agile. He lead the initiative to reinvent GreenHopper and to provide a solution for Scrum and Kanban teams.

Nicholas has spoken at Agile and Product Management conferences in Australia, China and North America. He lives in The Mission District of downtown San Francisco, hosts the San Francisco Agile Marketing meetup and is an advisor to several technology businesses including Practice Ignition and Interactive Accounting.

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